FYP Poster Template for Exhibition 2018

Attentional All Final Year Students

Final Year Project Exhibition 2018 (2K15 Batch)

January 14 & 15,  2019 

Dear Students please read following instructions carefully for exhibition poster:
1- Insert the data in ppt as appropriate, according to heading and example posters provided.
2- You are allowed to change basic format of Poster as per yourproject specification.
3- The size of poster is set to auto in ppt.. Just 'Save As' the PowerPoint file as JPEG image and print the penaflex.
4- the size is 2x3 feet (2feet width x 3 feet height).
5- Each discipline has a separate color template poster, so check your poster template carefully.

NOTE: Students will not be allowed to stick there posters on wall. Therefore each student is required to bring a
cardboard and stick their posters on that cardboard and place it beside wall. Example of poster on cardboard is
also  shown.  You  can  get  any  cardboard  box  from  nearby  shop  and unfold  it  to  create  back  support  of  the
penaflex like shown in example image.

Downlaod below:

BS(Information Technology ) Poster Template-1   (Blank Template-2)

BS(Software Engineering) Poster Template-1 (Blank Template-2)

BS(Electronics ) Poster Template-1 (Blank Template-2)

BS(Telecommunication ) Poster Template-1 (Blank Template-2)


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Posted on: Tuesday 25th December, 2018

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